Tiere und Töne / presentation polar bear unveiled
Tiere und Töne

This was the latest of our cooperations with the Kurt-Schumacher-Primary School, as usual with the Designer Egon Chemaitis. Our part was it to write a coherent concept, supervise the whole process in and off school, and design the final presentation and the subsequent exhibition.

We worked with 20 school kids who sculpted 15 large animals, aided by Michael Etienne and Ramin Niayech, from the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus and designer Heike Scheller. Together with the kids the sound artist Dominik Annies created an individual sound for each of the animals.

The project has been completely funded by the Rotary Club Berlin-Funkturm. Images 1 to 3: Anke Illig

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